Soothe Couples Class Is Returning To Our Menu


Due to us moving our office earlier this year I decided to temporarily remove our couples massage class. I have restructured the course and added a few things thanks to your suggestions. If you have previously taken the course I suggest you sign up for our new improved soothe for couples massage class. Please be patient as we add this to our website and booking software. Keep tuned for updates.


I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 7 years and something I hear often is, “I wish you could teach my husband/wife to do that”. This started the creation of our Soothe for Couples class. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn easy-to-use massage techniques from a professional massage therapist?

Soothe for Couples is a fantastic series of very simple massage routines that will send your partner into a relaxing bliss. Not only that, but we wanted our Soothe for Couples class to be something that will make date nights and your relationship a lot of fun! It’s amazing how powerful massage can be to bring two people closer together.

For two hours, you will get a customized guided massage instruction based upon your specific areas of concern and personal preferences.  Each person will learn how to effectively massage the other using proper body mechanics to avoid injury and strain to themselves.  This is a fun, hands-on training that would make a unique “date night” for any couple or even a fun night out for friends.

This massage course is intended for anyone who wants to learn effective ways to create intimacy, trust, joy, and meaning in their relationship through the magic of skilled touch. By the end of the class you will leave with the confidence and ability to give your partner a full body massage.



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