Short Explanation Edema/Lymphatic Drainage

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Edema is a buildup of excess fluid in the arms, hands, ankles, and fee while lymph-edema is due to a blockage in the lymphatic system that prevents the removal of this fluid. Both conditions are dramatically improved with manual lymphatic drainage.

Swelling usually develops in the wrists, ankles, and feet because of gravity. Fluid can also build up as a result of a blockage in the lymphatic vessels. Lymphatic Massage removes the fluid by reversing this pressure and causing it to move back into the veins and lymph vessels.

When combined with compression bandaging, lymphatic massage has been shown to reduce swelling by 60% in the arms and nearly 70% in the legs, both immediately and after nine months. An additional study confirms that lymphatic massage and bandaging reduces limb circumference and fluid volume after only one or two treatments. The study also suggests that the fluid buildup is the direct cause of the swelling.

A compression wrapping can be applied to the arms and legs for 23 hours after the massage to enhance the effect by helping to prevent fluid from re-entering the extracellular space. A simple bandage wrap can accomplish this.

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