There is a current shift in people’s trust towards healthcare. People are steering away from medications and seeking healthier alternatives. We are seeing a boom as massage therapist, but not all massages are created equal. Part of the problem is the lack of education presented to us. Franchises like Massage Envy, Massage Heights and Hand and Stone have been at the forefront of our industry. These franchises spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Sadly, this is probably the only information you’ve seen so far regarding massage. What these franchises sell is a spa massage. We’ve all seen the pictures of the women laying on the table with a smile on her face and hot stones on her back. So I don’t blame those that think massage can’t help in easing muscle aches and pains. Massage does help, you just have to go to the right place. Don’t get me wrong, spa massage is great for relaxation and unplugging from our stressful lives, but there is a difference between Spa Massage and Medical Massage. Those of you currently getting a spa massage for aches and pains and are getting frustrated because you’re only getting relief for a day or two, we can help. Book with us today and we will get you moving towards a pain free lifestyle. With our detailed knowledge in neuromuscular anatomy and over 8 years of experience in medical massage, we go straight to where it hurts and correct it. Everyone is different and we pride ourselves in being able to provide everyone with a custom massage to give you the best results.



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