What is Cupping Therapy? Cupping has become very popular and widely accepted. The round Mark's left […]
Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica Piriformis syndrome and sciatica is one of the most common problems that […]
(Client permission was given to use above photographs) Edema is a buildup of excess fluid in […]
Massage is a wonderfull relaxing experience; the stress of the teen years is higher now than […]
The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) uses percussion, mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissue […]
There is a current shift in people’s trust towards healthcare. People are steering away from medications […]
Soothe Couples Class Is Returning To Our Menu   Due to us moving our office earlier […]
  Escape your everyday routine and enjoy a relaxing session with our Soothe massage. Relax to […]