What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping has become very popular and widely accepted. The round Mark's left behind are no longer taboo. People can now identify what it is and I like to call them beauty Mark's. To me they symbolize wellness and healing. If you have never experienced a cupping session it is not as intimidating or painful as it looks like. It actually feels good.

So, what is cupping?

In the western world the cupping process draws blood from you vessels into your tissues. Essentially the cups are hacking your body to initiate an inflammatory response. This inflammatory response mobilizes antibodies to the area jumpstarting the healing process.

In Eastern medicine the negative pressure created by the cups suction stimulates local acupuncture points increasing energy or chi. By reactivating these points allowing energy to flow properly through their meridian lines not only do you relieve pain and loosen soft tissue; this also detoxifies and rebalances organ function.

What are some benefits of cupping therapy? Cupping has been known to:

• Improve bloodflow to the site applied
• Improve lymphatic movement
• Strengthens your Immune system modulation.
• Reduces Inflammation
• Calms the nervous system
• It stretches muscle and connective tissue
• It loosens tissue restrictions and adhesions
• provides relaxation
• Optimizes Athletic performance
• Improves your overall wellbeing

Who is cupping good for?

Cupping is good for everyone. It helps you heal and recover faster.

If you have any more questions about cupping or want to know if cupping is a good fit for you please contact us for more information.


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